brotherinlaw (brotherinlaw) wrote,

Exod. 15:25

Yet, whom did He give a statute and an ordinance and whom did He test? By most straightforward (ki-mishmao) pshat, it should be Moses, given the singular and given that it was certainly Moses whom He instructed concerning a piece of wood and who cast it into the waters. But HaShem testing Moses here is too strange for the commentators (even gentile ones) to accept, so they assume that the object of testing was the people rather than Moses. Now, it is obvious that giving a statute and an ordinance to Moses is the same as giving a statute and an ordinance to the people. But similarly, testing Moses is the same as testing the people, especially (but not exclusively) at this stage, before the giving of the Torah. This shows that the ki-mishmao pshat and the accepted pshat are both valid (which is part of what seems to be a traditionally accepted general rule: all pshats are valid).


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